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Church Leadership

Bro. Derek Baker, Pastor  

(859) 812-0052

Ricky Catlett, Associate Pastor

(859) 265-7174

Thomas Tribble, Children & Youth Pastor

Charlie Baker, Music Director

Anne Denny, Song Leader

Glenda Burke, Pianist

Gayle Howard, Pianist

Deacons & Elders

Jeff Rogers, Darren Ransdell, Charlie Baker, Daivd Curtis Ransdell, Jimmy Howard, Eddie Horn, Greg Anderson, Chris Record, Pete Elliott, Tim Darland, Tommy Tribble , Randy Horn, Ricky Wilham, & Will Gentry.

Message from our pastor:

(Bro. Derek, Wife, Becky, & Daughters, Alyssa & Emma)

I, Derek Baker, am the pastor at Mt. Pleasant Church. My sister, Amanda and I grew up on the family farm, and spending time with our parents, Charlie & Anna, was our way of life. Looking back now, I wouldn't trade it for anything. As a kid, all I ever wanted to do was farm. It seemed I had my whole life planned out. I was going to spend life farming the family farm. My wife, Becky and I were married at a very earlier age, and with our first daughter, Alyssa, in our lives, I had to get a job in a local factory. After a little while, another job came along, but the truth of my life really started showing up. I had lived my whole life for my own desires, and it seemed every step I took, I became more miserable. My life was seemingly falling apart from my perspective, yet in the middle of a mess, God showed up in my life. I was saved in late 2002, and in 2003, I continued to feel the call to preach, which is something I had felt even before I was truly saved. I tried really hard to convince God that he had the wrong man, but in the summer of 2003, I surrendered to the Lord to preach His Word. 

   God is an amazing God, and His plans are not always our plans. The man that led me to Christ, was Brother Lewis Walter, was serving as interim pastor at Mt. Pleasant. I had plans to just fill in here and there in local churches, but Lewis and the leaders of Mt. Pleasant believed in me more than I believed in myself. God is famous for His timing not being like ours, so although in fear, I agreed to fill in awhile. That was 18 years ago, and they still haven't found anyone. There is no question in my mind that being part of this church has been one of the greatest blessings, no only in my life, but also for Becky, and our daughters, Alyssa and Emma. It's been a growing process all the way around for me. God has blessed our church so much over the years with hearts of love and people wanting to see other's lives changed and their willingness to give themselves to God's work. 

   Our church family has grown over the years and God blessed us with building to the original building for additional Sunday School rooms. Later we added an additional building for a fellowship hall, and in 2018 we moved into the new sanctuary where we have continued to see God's Spirit move. This past year (2020) as we have been in the midst of a crazy pandemic, we have found ourselves struggling to learn quickly about virtual services, adding additional services, and trying to reach people in different, never seen ways, but we are so blessed to still be watching God change lives. We have watched so many submit to Christ as Lord, or rededicating their lives to Christ, and so many others have joined the church. I have been amazed as new members quickly came alongside their fellow brothers and sisters to become the hands and feet of Christ as they serve the body. 

   The truth is Jesus has totally changed my life. I have been blessed to still farm with my family and so honored to pastor this loving church. The highlight of my weeks are literally being together with others that have been touched by the same Life Changer, Jesus Christ! If you re reading this, then it's likely you are in some way connected to Mt. Pleasant, and it's my prayer that you and I may grow closer together as we both grow towards Christ. 

Bro. Derek Baker

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